“I believe in producing rods that fisherman truly love to use and know they are an excellent value for their hard earned money.” – Alex, Founder and President of ALX Rods



ALX Rods was formed as Carolina Shooting Sports, LLC in South Carolina. A hobby selling shooting supplies.


  • The first ALX Rod was built on a dining room table, birthing a custom rod company.
  • 8 of the first 10 rods built would be sold.


  • Carolina Shooting Sports turned into Hydra Fishing, LLC.
  • The first proprietary blanks were designed and prototyped, soon to become our first line of production rods.


  • Using proprietary blanks, the ZOLO B production series was launched.
  • Our first dealers were signed.
  • ALX Rods went international with rods going to South Africa.


  • ALX Rods ZOLO B changes name to only ZOLO
  • ALX Rods IKOS Series launched
  • US Dealers established


  • ALX Rods BOKU Series launched to address inshore fishing


Expanded to 2500 square feet of dedicated rodbuilding workspace with additional office and storage space.

ZOLO Manufacturing

ALX Rods ZOLO Series rods being assembled in house. Top quality, waterproof epoxies are used to ensure long lasting rods.

What we believe

At ALX Rods, we respect that hard work and dedication creates a successful day on the water. We know that cutting corners means lost opportunity. We know that pushing to be different ends up being exceptional in time.

We build fishing rods here in the USA – South Carolina to be exact. It’s one way we do what we know is right. We use proprietary rod blank designs, source quality components, and then assemble them all in our facility to be sold for a fair price.

We want to talk to the people who fish our rods. We’re committed to making sure you get the right rods when you order. There’s a value when the rod you order Monday is perfect for the technique you use on Saturday.

We’re proud of what we offer and that our hands are covered in dust and glue. This keeps us in touch with our rods and reminds us constantly of what we’re doing. It’s how we started and how we will stay.

We’re growing a business based on hard work and dedication to do what we know – building great rods with an outstanding value.

Thank you for visiting and being an ALX Rods customer.