The ALX Rods ENOX Series are performance based, technique focused rods offering premium features with worldwide design inspiration. Each rod in the ENOX line has been designed to focus on primary techniques with secondary talents.

All ENOX Series rods feature:

  • Designed and handcrafted in our Aiken, SC facility
  • Hydra OSH high modulus rod blanks featuring outstanding strength to weight ratios, low resin content, compound material design (CMD) with correct modulus placement and high pressure rolling – you’ll find these to be some of the most responsive rods in our line.
  • The advanced Kigan ZDH/Z Series guide train with SiC inserts for optimum line control
  • Gloss black, exposed blank reel seats
  • Premium cork/EVA grips and styled EVA hood
  • Aircraft grade aluminum trim for endurance
  • Backed by a 10 year limited warranty and the ALX Rods SureSet Replacement Policy

ENOX Rod Models

ENOX Magma – 6’7”, ¼ – ¾ oz, 8-15#, Medium, Fast

Stick baits and shakey heads are a natural match for the Magma. Perfect for precision casts around light cover. A fast tip aids in spot on casts and the power allows for solid hookups – a great blend between power and finesse. Find a secondary use with topwaters and spinnerbaits.

ENOX Fractus – 7’1”, ¼ – ¾ oz, 8-15#, Medium, Fast

The Fractus offers a fast tip, power taper and the right amount of flex to fit a variety of applications. Primarily used for contact baits (worms, finesse jigs), the Fractus doubles down with spinnerbaits, buzz baits, long range topwater casts, and jerkbaits. Highly effective and very adaptable.

ENOX Cirrus – 6’9”, ¼ – 1 oz, 8 – 18#, MedHvy, Fast

Designed for the angler who wants a shorter rod but doesn’t want to sacrifice power or versatility. Single hook baits are main role – spinnerbaits, worm rigs and jigs from ¼ to 7/8 oz. The Cirrus pulls double duty with skipping jigs and handling treble hook baits like squarebills.

ENOX Arcus – 7’2”, ¼ – 1 oz, 8 – 18#, MedHvy, Fast

The Arcus is versatile. Frogs, swim jigs, spinnerbaits, worms, and jigs… the list goes on. The length is ideally suited to a variety of techniques with incredible results and performance. The Arcus is the go to rod for many anglers fishing a variety of techniques.

ENOX Cyclone – 6’10”, 3/8 – 1 3/8 oz, Heavy, Fast

Close cover is no match for the Cyclone. Skip big baits or make precise casts with bigger baits. The responsive tip gives the right spring to roll cast baits and then back up the hookset with loads of power. The Cyclone’s performance makes it a smart add to any rod locker needing a close cover, precision rod.

ENOX Gravity – 7’5”, 3/8 – 1 3/8 oz, Heavy, Fast

Flipping, Pitching, Dragging. The Gravity is for heavy cover situations as well as offshore dragging scenarios. The Gravity gives intense hooksets with strong armed power in the rod belly – perfect for sweeping hooksets to move line and fish.