IKOS Series Rods have these key features (click for details):

ALX Rods presents our IKOS Series Rods for tournament angling with an emphasis on outstanding performance with value in mind.

All IKOS rods begin with a low resin content OS carbon Hydra rod blank. Blanks patterns are laid with consideration to multi axis use and then precision rolled under intense pressure to create a compact carbon composite that shines at reading the lightest bites and delivering jaw jarring power.

Rods are matched to specific components to compliment the overall fishing package. The IKOS series has been fitted with class leading Z Series guides from Kigan – we know of no other rod in class with this quality of guide. Grips are top grade cork and trim pieces are designed for long life.

IKOS Series rods have been carefully designed, tested and crafted by our in house team to ensure they meet your expectations of how an ALX Rod should perform. The IKOS Series are serious tools you can you can use to cash a check on Saturday.

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IKOS Spinning Models

ModelStyleLengthLureLineActionPowerHandle LengthMSRP
Shake 7Spinning7′1/8 – 5/8 oz6 – 15#FastMedLt12″$149.99
Soul 7Spinning7′1/4 -3/4 oz8 – 17#FastMedium12″$149.99

IKOS Casting Models

ModelStyleLengthLureLineActionPowerHandle LengthMSRP
HustlerCasting7′1/4 – 1 oz8 – 18#Moderate (Crankbait)MedHvy10″$154.99
Buzz7Casting7′1/4 -3/4 oz8 – 17#FastMedium10″$149.99
Promise 7Casting7′3/8 – 1 1/8 oz10 – 20#FastMedHvy10″$149.99
Promise 73Casting7’3″3/8 – 1 1/8 oz10 – 20#FastMedHvy10.5″$154.99
Hammer 7Casting7′1/2 – 1 1/2 oz12 – 25#FastHeavy10″$149.99
Hammer 73Casting7’3″1/2 – 1 1/2 oz12 – 25#FastHeavy10.5″$154.99
ThunderCasting7’6″1/2 – 2 oz12 – 25#ModfastX-Heavy11″$154.99

Want information about technique specific uses? Click here to view our techniques guide!