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Our pro staff is an extension of our sales and marketing efforts. The purpose of the Pro-Staff program is to:

  • Support sales and marketing efforts with the focus of selling our products.
  • Educate end consumers and sales professionals on the value of our products.
  • Excel as a professional ambassadors who promote, grow and elevate our family of products at every opportunity for interaction.

Some of what we look for in Pro Staff:

  • Active participation in the fishing community. This may be but not limited to social media with value adding content, active tournament fishing, community outreach, industry affiliation, etc.
  • Maintain a positive, respectable appearance
  • Reasonable knowledge of ALX Rods product lines
  • Overall motivation to be part of the ALX Rods team

Want to join the Pro Staff? We need to find out about you first.

Pro Staff Process

Anyone interested in a pro staff position MUST APPLY ONLINE. There is no exception to this.

We review applications on a periodic basis throughout the year and follow up at that time. While the above criteria are our basic guidelines, we reserve the right to apply these guidelines as we feel appropriate.

Thank you for your interest in being a part of ALX Rods!