Scrimless Fiber Design (SFD) from Hydra

SFD represents an evolutionary approach to rod blank design and performance eliminating fiberglass and/or carbon paper scrim during blank construction. By removing the traditional scrim, blanks featuring SFD are void of these vibration dampening lower modulus materials. Anglers benefit from the resulting crisp vibration transmissions and increased blank responsiveness.

We use a high quality linear carbon fiber cloth that is up to 29% thinner and 9% lighter. We then match it with an exact resin matrix.  After high pressure rolling, this durable composite is 4% tighter than previous designs. Hoop strength for epic fish fighting is maintained through our proven proprietary design. Blanks built using SFD have higher final average modulus ratings and are some of the lightest, most sensitive and durable blanks available today.

SFD is present in all ZOLO Series rods.

SFD allows carbon to carbon bonding between layers of fiber (right) – allowing less energy (vibrations) to be wasted along the length of the rod. Traditional blank construction features layers of mesh material between each layer of carbon (left).

Rod Guides by Kigan

We proudly use Kigan guides on all our rods. Kigan guides have a less than 1% failure rate – that means no worries on the water when a check is on the line. Kigan’s innovative and patented guide frame design has proven to yield superior results to all other guides we have tested on ALX Rods.

Kigan guides are protected by US Patent 8,333,030.

Assembly in USA

All ALX Rods are hand assembled in the USA. Our experienced rod crafters use epoxies and glues specially formulated for fishing rods. These adhesives remain flexible under stress and provide water tight resistance in demanding marine environments. Guide wraps are coated first with a proprietary pre-finish and then followed by UV resistant final finish for long life. We don’t add accelerants, heat lamps, or anything else to build rods faster that would compromise long term longevity of your rod.